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It all started 40 years ago when my dream came true. My dad brought home a 2 year old male german shepherd named Shamock. I instantly bonded with him and I joined the local 4-H club where I began taking obedience classes. I competed 2 years in a row in 4-H and recieved 1st place both years and also recieved high point trophy with a score of 197 and 198. From then on I have always enjoyed working with the beautiful, intelligent German Shepherd Dog. Later on I married Ted Roskey and a few years later we had 2 children and of course I bought an all Germanline female german shepherd to train and be our family companion. Her name was Shasta and she loved children and would protect us with her life. Shasta and I did some SchH training together for fun and we would have fun laying tracks at home and letting her try to find us. She never missed. A few more years went by and we moved to a little rural town of Peck, where we bought 3 acres and had lots of room for the kids and a few more good shepherds. We named our new kennels, Wind Dancer Kennels because it is very windy around here with all the flat ground and acres and acres of farm fields around us.


                                                              About the Dogs:

Here at Wind Dancer Kennels we are very picky what German Shepherd can live here. They have to be Healthy, have a sound temperment, good conformation with good solid bone structure that will hold up over the years. They have to have courage and intelligence and be easy to train. Our West German breeding produces mostly black and reds, with black and tan occasionally. Our puppies are excellent prospects for SchH. work, obedience, agility, tracking, search and rescue, police work or just a companion or family dog. If you are looking for a truely gorgeous Shepherd that can do it all...Look no further. Try a Wind Dancer German Shepherd. References and Phone number's on file if you want to talk to other customers.

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