Health Guarantee


Health Guarantee



Date of contract______________________  Sex________  Date whelped____________


Color_________________   Sire________________ Dam____________________


This dog/puppy described above has been sold to:________________________________




Phone#____________________________ e-mail________________________________


Sold for Pet/Breed___________      price_________


    This German Shepherd Puppy is guaranteed to be in good health on the date of sale. The purchaser shall take this pup to a licensed veterinarian within 4 days of purchase date for a health check, or any guarantee is void   If a veterinarian diagnoses the pup/dog to have a life-threatening problem  attributed to the genetics, then the live pup and its AKC papers may be returned along with a written statement by the veterinarian for a refund of purchase price/ or the breeder agrees to replace the puppy with a puppy from that same litter ( if available) or wait until next available litter.  

    The Breeder guarantees the puppy/dog to pass O.F.A. preliminary or standard hip

X- ray with a satisfactory reading at 1 year of age.  (Satisfactory meaning fair to excellent)  

   The Breeder will replace puppy/ dog if determined by a vet that puppy/dog has genetic problems that would prevent it from living an otherwise normal life for up to 1 year.

    Puppies purchased for companions at companion price (non-breeding) may have minor faults which are non-threatening, like umbilical hernia, ear not perfect or all the way up un- descended testicle ect ...

   This guarantee is conditioned upon the puppy/ dog   receiving a normal environment, socialization, proper veterinarian care, due to the varying kinds of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions the dogs come in contact with, we will not guarantee the dog unless they’re given Nu-Vet Plus daily at the manufacture suggested dosage for one year as the length of contact states. Failure to do so makes this guarantee null and void.  To purchase Nu-Vet call 1-800-474-7044, or visit on the web


   The purchaser is responsible for all future expenses incurred on behalf of this German Shepherd puppy/dog. This guarantee is nontransferable.


Breeder Signature_______________________Purchaser Signature________________________


If at anytime in the future, buyer decides the buyer can not keep or does not want puppy/dog, the buyer can contact the breeder first to discuss the matter and if we take  puppy/dog back, the buyer relinquishes all responsibility back to the breeder. The cost of bringing puppy/dog back to breeder is the sole responsibility of the buyer. AKC papers, veterinarian, and microchip papers are to be returned with puppy/dog. The seller (breeder) will endeavor to find a new home for the dog. It is understood no money back when returning puppy/dog, unless other arrangements are made by breeder. 


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