A Tribute to Trooper


First of all we want to thank Sukee Kennels for picking such a wonderful Shepherd puppy for us to purchase. I fell in love with him the minute I opened the crate up at the airport. Trooper walked out, wagged his tail and said "Hi", its about time, lets go home. Trooper was a big boy with a heart to match. He had a wonderful layed back temperment and super intelligence. Trooper loved car rides, going to parades or visiting children at school. Trooper was very obedient dog. When I put him on a down, an earthquake would not have moved him. All I would have to have tell Trooper was its ok, lets go and he was up and running to me. All the girls (four legged one's) loved him because he was such a good sport. Trooper had a favorite toy which was a big red indestructable ball. He would herd that ball all over the yard and no other dog could steal it from him. That was his absolute favorite toy. Trooper we all miss you and if there is a doggie heaven, you will be there.

© Jaclyn Correa 2013